Student Wellness

Student health and safety is a priority at Portsmouth Abbey School. We are a community that is aware and proactive when it comes to safeguarding student safety and promoting wellness

Students are surrounded by caring adults at Portsmouth Abbey School. Advisors meet weekly with their small group of 5-7 students. Small houses with three houseparents have nightly house meetings concluding with prayer. A student health team meets weekly to discuss student concerns. Active and involved coaches and teachers work together to provide a supportive and safe environment for all students.

All faculty complete training each year that includes a review of the Code of Conduct and other best practices for recognizing red flag behaviors and observing appropriate boundaries. The campus safety staff provides a consistent and visible presence on campus.

Mrs. Paula Walter, Assistant Headmaster for Student Life, is a Certified Praesidium Guardian. The school conducts thorough screening and selection processes for new hires, adheres to best practice protocols for all trips, and engages in ongoing education for all employees. For more information, contact Paula Walter at or by calling 401.643.1380.