Fall Athletics Awards

The Portsmouth Abbey community assembled this week to recognize student-athletes and their coaches for their participation in the 2021 Fall-Term season.

There was much to celebrate with the return of interscholastic games and successful seasons across the board.

Boys' Cross Country

Coach's Award: Payton Foley '22

MIP: Nate Gonzalez '22

EIL All-Leauge: Sean Brennan '24, Payton Foley '22

EIL Honorable Mention: Gage Polgar '25, Blake Rossiter '22

Captains-Elect: Quinn Brighton '23, Jack Kelly '23

Overall Record: 8-4 EIL Record: 4-3, 4th Place EIL


Girls' Cross Country

Coach's Award: Charlotte Hudson '22

MIP: Avery Holz '24

EIL Honorable Mention: Charlotte Hudson '23

Captains-Elect: Charlotte Hudson '23, Mary Powell '24

Overall Record: 7-7 EIL Record: 5-5, 7th Place EIL


Field Hockey

Gontarz Girls' Field Hockey Trophy: Brynna Courneen '22

MIP: Mila Smith '23

EIL All-League: Jacque Martin '22, Sara DeSousa '23, Lucy Verderber '24

EIL Honorable Mention: Brynna Courneen '22, Sofia Cerbero '23

All-New England Honorable Mention: Sara DeSousa '23

Captains-Elect: Sara DeSousa '23, Bella DiReda '23

Overall Record: 9-7 EIL Record:5-3, 4th Place, Qualified for the EIL Tournament



John M. Hogan Football Trophy: Toby Oliveira '22

Coen MIP Award: Rassel Mate-Kole '24

Evergreen League - All-New England: Toby Oliveira '22

All-New England Honorable Mention: Jermaine Anson '23

Captains-Elect: Jermaine Anson '23, Mike Abbate '23, Muhammed Bajinka '23, Fletcher Reilly '23

Evergreen Record: 1-7


Boys' Soccer

Williams Franklin Sands Memorial Soccer Trophy: Mason Holling '22

MIP: Sean Oh '24

Boys' Soccer – EIL All-League: Jacob Ierfino '22, Pedro Vales '23

EIL Honorable Mention: Brogan Murphy '22, Peter Scartozzi '22

NEPSAC Senior All-Star: Lucas Pagliarulo '22

Captains-Elect: Pedro Vales '23, Joe Verderber '23

Overall Record: 7-12-1 EIL Record: 5-8-1


Girls' Soccer

Hannaford Girls Soccer Trophy: Martha Wilson '22

MIP: Maggie Abruzzi '22

Girls' Soccer – EIL All-League: Martha Wilson '22

EIL Honorable Mention: Lisie O’Hara '22

NEPSAC Junior All-Star: Ryon Black '23

Captains-Elect: Ryon Black '23, Lily Atwell, Abby Lawler

Overall Record : 6-13 EIL Record: 3-9


Boys' Golf

Coach's Award: Charlie Baughan '22

MIP: Owen Smith '22

Boys' Golf - EIL All-League: Charlie Baughan '22, Jack Lucey '23

Captain-Elect: Jack Lucey 23, Chris Waldorf '23

EIL Record: 3rd Place EIL



Coach's Award: Gwen Bragan '22

MIP: Grace Stencel '22

EIL Player of the Year: Marissa Scartozzi '22

EIL All-League: Alex Bordelon '22, Gwen Bragan '22, Marissa Scartozzi '22

EIL Honorable Mention: Bailey Howell '24, Grace Stencel '22

All-New England: Alex Bordelon '22

All-New England Honorable Mention: Gwen Bragan '22, Marissa Scartozzi '22

Captains-Elect: Merritt Coward '23, Sarah Edwards '23

Overall Record 17-3 EIL Record: EIL Champions

NEPSAC Class C Tournament semi-finalist



Katie Sachs who was part of our equestrian program was awarded a Certificate of Distinction by US Equestrian. Katie, congratulations.


Junior Varsity Awards

The Portsmouth Abbey Junior Varsity Award is given to the athlete who best demonstrates the spirit of Abbey Athletics. The award recognizes hard work, individual improvement, sportsmanship, and a willingness to do what is best for the team.

Boys' JV Cross Country: Aidan Sainte '25

Girls' JV Cross Country: Nessa McDermott '24

Field Hockey: Mary Davidson '24

Football: Brayden Gittus '24

Boys' JV Soccer: Manuel Gavito '24

Boys' JV B Soccer: Bo Howenstein '24

Girls' JV Soccer: Alessandra Cristiani '23

Volleyball: Daniella Gasso '24